Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 NFL Mid-Season Awards

I have returned from my week long hiatus to present to you the NFL awards to this point. There have been terrific achievements across the league already, but this list presents the elite. You will see familiar faces as well as fresh ones. Enjoy.

Rookie of the Year
Percy Harvin, (Vikings)

Harvin was an extraordinary talent coming out of the University of Florida. During his three year career with the Gators he showed the ability to score a variety of ways from any spot on the field. Fortunately for the Vikings that explosiveness has transported to the professional gridiron. The Vikings drafted Harvin with the 22nd pick in hopes for him to make an immediate impact on the return game, as well as offer versatility in the passing game, and special wildcat packages.

Percy is off to a phenomenal start. In 8 games he has recorded 28 receptions for 369 yards and 3 touchdowns. Harvin has become quarterback Brett Favre's main target on third down, racking up 15 catches on third down, 13 of which have resulted in a first down. He's made an even bigger impact on special teams where he currently ranks 2nd in the NFL in kick return average (30.7) and is tied for 1st in return yards (860). He has also returned two kickoffs for touchdowns and done it all at the age of 21.

Coach of the Year
Josh McDaniels, (Broncos)

McDaniels is in his first season as head coach of the Broncos and is off to a magnificent start. After going through a tumultuous offseason, McDaniels has his guys believing in the system. Denver is off to a 6-1 start and are led by an efficient and balanced offense, as well as stout defensive play. The addition of Brian Dawkins has certainly helped, but the mentality brought by McDaniels from New England certainly has the Broncos among the league's best.

Defensive Player of the Year
Darren Sharper, (Saints)

After having a quiet 2008 with the Vikings, Sharper brought his talents to The Big Easy and has helped New Orleans to a 7-0 start. Led by an explosive offense, the Saints defense is whats creating headlines. The defense is much improved and Sharper is one of the reasons why. The Saints lead the league in interceptions with 16, and 21 turnovers total. Sharper has 7 of those interceptions, taking 3 of them back for touchdowns. D-Sharp is averaging an interception a game, and a touchdown in every other. Pencil him in for Defensive Player of the year right now.

Offensive Player of the Year
Drew Brees, (Saints)

The reason Brees is here is because he falls just short of being my MVP. He very well could be and one could argue he should be. Brees is one of those guys you can count on every Sunday to produce. He makes every throw in the book and does so with tremendous precision. He spreads the ball to all his receivers and backs, and gets everyone involved.

Once again you can find him atop the passing leaders. He leads the league in touchdown passes with 16, and is third in the NFL in overall quarterback rating. He has thrown for over 2,000 yards in 7 games and is completing passes at a rate of 68%. Mix Brees' numbers with the Saints 4th rated rushing attack, and rest assured that the former Boilermaker is primed for another prolific season.

Most Valuable Player
Peyton Manning, (Colts)

Wow what a shocker here. I tried to find another resolution for MVP but the fact is Manning is just too good. By the time he hangs it up he might have a dozen MVP awards, or so it seems. The fact is year in and year out there is no team that relies on any one player more than the Colts do with Peyton. In a year without long time coach Tony Dungy, and wide receiver Marvin Harrison, Peyton has actually gotten better.

Yeah, I said it. Better. Manning is averaging 318 yards passing per game. That's 23 yards more per game than the next best quarterback, and he is second in the NFL with a QB rating of 109.3. Thus far Manning is averaging 38 pass attempts per game and is completing over 71% of those passes. The numbers are there but they don't tell the whole story. Peyton is the Colts offense. He's relied upon to make every offensive call. He is undoubtedly the best in the game, and very possibly the best of all time, but we will save that for a different day.

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