Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taking A Break

For the few of you that come to Quick Hits... often, first off, thank you. I truly appreciate anyone who takes a few minutes to check out what I have to say about things.

Unfortunately right now I'm not getting the kind of repsonse that I was hoping for when I started this blog. Because of that I'm going to put my blogging on hold for a few weeks while I come up with a better schedule and a better approach to the whole thing.

This blog is far from dead and I hope that once I toss my hat back in the ring that you guys (and gals) will come back and enjoy it even more.

Thanks again for your support and I'll be back soon, promise.


  1. Awesome blog Adam. I do read it somewhat regularly...I just need more Tim Tebow!!

  2. I like your blog, make sure you come back.