Friday, September 14, 2007

Goodbye World

In case anyone forgot, Tiger Woods is the best golfer on the planet. In fact, I'd say he's probably the best golfer this or any other planet has ever seen, with apologies to Jack of course.

When he decided to remake his swing and adjust his game after the memorable year that was 2000 we all thought he was crazy. What we didn't know was that the evolution of his game was a necessary step and that he'd only continue to get better despite "Tiger-proof" courses and the deepest fields the PGA Tour has ever seen.

Of course that's why he's Tiger and the rest of us only post our good rounds in order to make our 15 handicap game smell like it's a solid 10.

With the new FedEx Cup playoffs coming to an end this Sunday, Tiger decided to end any thoughts the world's #2 player Phil Mickelson or surprise contender Steve Stricker may have had about stashing away that $10 million annuity that should make sure Sam Alexis Woods' great-grandchildren will be able to eat.

His first round 64 in the season-ending Tour Championship was followed up by a second round 63 which included five birdies and an eagle, on the front side, in a row. The mere fact that he only shot 63 should tell you that while I often times think otherwise, the man is indeed a human being.

You wanna know what the really scary part about this Woods guy is? He's getting better every day he laces up his Nike spikes and hits the course with a game that cannot be contained by normal standards. And no matter what the Rory Sabbatini's of the world tell you, they're not even close to him and the gap between him and the rest of the golfing world continues to grow.

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